What happens when love isn't enough? What becomes of a relationship when  there is self-doubt and fear? Welll in my experience, it seems that guys are usually the ones with low self esteem and too much ego and pride.

I recently finished with the man who despite my constant belief and undying supportive efforts, still decided in the end to leave me. His reasons were that I was too good for him and he would ruin my life.

How I wish he had told me that when he first met me and not 5 long years into the relationship. I felt cheated and betrayed. The ironic thing was that he had always so self righteous, constantly reminding me how he valued honesty, loyalty and friendship as his life's principles.

Why have principles when you don't practice what you preach?

I believe that as brave as they try to seem, people can be the worst cowards. I believe I'd rather trust a man who admits he can be insecure and afraid than the kind of man who repeatedly tries to convince you that he's the stronger one and that he can overcome everything. This is especially so when the said man abandons you on countless occasions and makes you feel and look like the fool's fool.

My only advice is to be a strong but sensitive person, and always remember that behind that proud exterior cowers a weak, unstable man whose only criteria for a girlfriend is that she be a "bigger loser than him"

Work hard to improve yourself and always remind yourself that you love you. That energy is both powerful and calming. Help yourself so that the "better version" of you can then be of help and inspiration to others.
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