Why I say my relationship made me feel like a hamster?
1. Well for one I felt trapped in a cage except that cage was created by me.
2. I was never really taken out of that cage except when it needed cleaning.
3. We did the same things over and over and over again. A lot like that hamster running on the wheel.
4. I guess like the hamster we both exploded.

Sometimes it's stuff like this that makes the situation turn sour. Sometimes when a couple feel so trapped and bored out of their minds, love may just not cut it.

For me, love kept me in the relationship long after my patience ran out. If I hadn't been so in love I would have realized how miserable I was.

I was so in love that after the first few years, I didn't even care that I was miserable. I didn't mind that he treated me like a hamster. Something he'd take out and play with once in a blue moon.

Although we lived together, we were worlds apart. I guess sooner or later I would have realized it.

I remember breaking up with him a few times. And each time my heart would hurt like crazy. I mean physical pain! It hurt not having him. And you know what? Each and every time he'd really try to get me to take him back. Eventually I'd always open my heart to him again.

Finally, it was as though I could finally trust him with everything, and when I did, when I did give up my soul to him...he did it. He dropped off the map like a ghost and then when I saw him again he had no explanation as to why he had done it.

So yes, I felt like that hamster. Running and running until I finally exploded. But of course if he ever did come to me carrying his cage again. I think I'll just remember this post and the hamster and tell him to find himself another hamster.

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