I'm thinking of throwing a little Halloween party and these are some of the recipes I'm going to try!
Try them yourself and let me know how it went for you!

Monster Mini Burgers

Ingredients 8 assorted round and oblong sandwich rolls or mini burger buns
16 to 24 slices assorted cold cuts (salami, turkey, ham and/or bologna)
6 to 8 slices assorted cheeses (American, Swiss and/or Muenster)
Butter (plain or herb/garlic)
1 firm tomato, sliced
1 cucumber, sliced thinly
Assorted lettuce leaves (Romaine, curly and/or red leaf)
Cocktail onions, green and black olives, cherry tomatoes, pickled gherkins, radishes, baby corn and/or hard-boiled eggs

Step One
Cut rolls open just below center; spread with butter.

Step Two
Layer meats, cheeses, tomato, cucumber and greens to make monster faces. Roll "tongues" from ham slices or make "lips" with tomato slices.

Step Three
Use toothpicks to affix remaining ingredients for eyes, ears, fins, horns and hair as desired.


Remember to remove toothpicks before eating. Or substitute preztel sticks for the toothpicks.